Leigh + Chris Trailer – Seaside, Watercolor, FL

Leigh + Chris from Josh Kidd Films on Vimeo.

Shooting Leigh + Chris’s Seaside and Watercolor wedding was such a blast!
Leigh and Chris both got ready in Ruskin Park, which was a perfect fit, and then headed over to Watercolor beach for their ceremony. The reception followed on Watercolor green.

I have had the privilege of shooting a few weddings this year where the majority of the wedding part and crowd was from Texas, and it always brings such a fun element to the day. I love the way this wedding group danced into the night, just having a great time enjoying their close knit friends and family.

Leigh and Chris are such a great couple, full of life and happiness, and love for each other. We were so honored to capture their day and wish them the best! Enjoy their trailer!

Shot on C100s and Canon DSLR with L Series Lenses

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